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We are Structural Consultant providing services to construction industry with regard to structural analysis & design of all types of civil engineering structures.

1. We work as part of a team along with architects, builders and other engineers
2. We make sure the structure satisfies functional objective with economy & consideration durability of structures.
3. Our design team follows guideline provided by IS code & other Government of India guidelines (Public sector government organization)

Project Handle

1. Residential Development
2. Commercial Development
3. Institutional projects (School, College, Hostel)
4. Hoarding Supporting Structures
5. Devotional structure like Temple
6. Retaining structures (Earth & water)
7. Infrastructure (bridge & drainage structure)
8. Retrofitting
9. Shell & Dome structures
10. Industrial projects are below-

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Residential Project

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PEB Structures

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Industrial Projects

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Commercial Project

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Devotional structure

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Dynamic Foundation

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Hoarding Support Structures

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Conventional Steel Projects

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Internation & National Projects

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Water retaining Structures

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We work as part of a team along with architects, builders and other engineers.

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